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Let this function as an online journal for items that resonate with my personal style... A mix of merchandise in my storefronts, vignettes i've photographed, and reblogged items i love (photos not produced by me are property of their respective owners)

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amazing wooden playskool postal station… shabby chic and patriotic :) relisted in my etsy shop

yaaay a pair of kenner care bears ! love a lot bear and cheer bear

Vintage 80’s He-Man Battle Cat Action Figure MOTU

BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!!!!!! click the pic to view listing on etsy

AMAZING BATTLECAT Heman’s trusty steed… will list in mid march at the latest (we’re mid move)  we are gathering major items like woah for the shop… gonna blow minds in March :)

<3 g

cute carebear from the 80’s for sale :) love-a-lot bear