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Let this function as an online journal for items that resonate with my personal style... A mix of merchandise in my storefronts, vignettes i've photographed, and reblogged items i love (photos not produced by me are property of their respective owners)

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This was still waiting for me at the #thrift today #Rudolph #bookonrecord #vintage

My thrift Haul of 6/24

  • vintage navy wool blazer
  • 100% alpaca vintage sweater
  • vintage homemade blouse
  • 2 vintage eo brody depression glass bowls
  • a wrought iron candle holder
  • 3 cobalt glass hanging candle holders
  • a plastic shoebox of vintage sewing findings such as lace, rick rack, and patches and iron-ons etc
  • a vintage “real ghostbusters” cartoon kids sleeping bag
  • a vintage game boy with tetris and a rechargeable battery pack

todays vintage /thrift haul

  • teddy ruxpin
  • maya the bee plate
  • vintage ties
  • major 80’s cowl neck shirt
  • EO Brody Depression glass bowl
  • empire strikes back pillow case
  • bantam bag (suitcase)
  • vintage and antique photos hidden in the bantam bag
  • brooks brothers & ralph lauren shirt for hubby


latest New Port Richey Patch blog about my vintage and thrift store finds… check out my whimsical and nostalgic finds

hey guys

excited to announce my first local patch news article… it’s an introduction into why i thrift, and a little personal background on me… in the future there will be more posts including photoblogs about weekly vintage, thrift treasures

omg IDEAL glassware and setting… LOVE

*clip for my design notebook*

(via wishflowers)

neato kitschy kitchen!!!

(via kitschyliving)

fantastic frugal find

brass unicorn bell

another frugal find! Vintage porcelain Gorham Mousey Music-boxes in fairytale theme… so adorable

found this handy dandy kaleidoscope yesterday at my one of my favorite thrift stores… marked $10 and 30% off… SCORE!!!