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Let this function as an online journal for items that resonate with my personal style... A mix of merchandise in my storefronts, vignettes i've photographed, and reblogged items i love (photos not produced by me are property of their respective owners)

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Jelly Sandals Ruby Red Sandak brand sz 9/10 by Mercanstyle2

Navy Dress Cotton Tribal Print 80s Vintage with by Mercanstyle2

NautiCool Nautical Stretch Pants size Petite by Mercanstyle2

rayon shorts 90’s cuffed tribal pattern medium by Mercanstyle2

Fluorescent Shorts Pink Rad Skate Shorts 1980s by Mercanstyle2

Blue Skies Floral Day dress small by Mercanstyle2

Vintage Brooks Brothers Lambswool Cardigan 42 by Mercanstyle2

Vintage Red Ruffled Tuxedo Style Shirt 34 by Mercanstyle2

Vintage Mens Textured Knit Top XL by Mercanstyle2

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Vintage Velvet Floral Skirt 27 waist by Mercanstyle2

pattern closeup

Vintage Alpaca Sweater Arrow Med by Mercanstyle2

Vintage Flashy Poly Blazer L by Mercanstyle2

sky blue vintage maxi dress by Mercanstyle2