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Let this function as an online journal for items that resonate with my personal style... A mix of merchandise in my storefronts, vignettes i've photographed, and reblogged items i love (photos not produced by me are property of their respective owners)

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vintage lorain footed bowl relisted in my etsy shop

Vintage 70s Avocado Glass Footed Vase by FTD

click the pic to view the listing

Vintage 60’s Prolon Ware Green Multi Melamine Stacking Cups (pair)

click the picture to check the listing on etsy

too cute kitschy fruit 100% linen kitchen cloth… bright and colorful

(click the pic to check the listing)

hey guys

excited to announce my first local patch news article… it’s an introduction into why i thrift, and a little personal background on me… in the future there will be more posts including photoblogs about weekly vintage, thrift treasures

i’m so majorly obsessed with glassware… and i don’t know why

hattycakes @ strikes again … i love the cheery color on this scarf! so glad she bought it the yarn when we went to the craft store together… (this scarf is for sale)

mosey on over and give it a home (click the pic to visit the store)

Vintage EO Brody Green Glass Compote

so major… i can’t believe i’ve decided to sell it

We’ve just knocked a few bucks of most of our pieces… Why? Because we like you!!! Come visit us at etsy and take home some vintage treasures today!Vintage Bobby Jerome Green Handbag

1950’s footed bowl… amazing detail… Love!!!