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Let this function as an online journal for items that resonate with my personal style... A mix of merchandise in my storefronts, vignettes i've photographed, and reblogged items i love (photos not produced by me are property of their respective owners)

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You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave?

so hard to answer this question. Only one item huh… well I think I am going to cheat a little by saying I would like MS Piggy from the Great Muppet Caper in the scene where all the Muppets are riding their bikes… I would like her post Kermit landing in her basket… (she rescues him after he was showing off and he got stuck holding on to the tree for dear life)

if anyone wants to follow this pop culture blog series where pop culture pundits reply via blog with their answers on a weekly basis check here

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